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  • When shopping for shoes, always make sure to not force your feet in order to conform to the shape of a pair of shoes. Some serious foot confusions, and even more common circumstances, can be linked to one avoidable thing: unsuitable, poor quality or ill-fitting shoes.

Get some of Foot and Shoe Care Tips

    • Home Care tips for your feet.
    • You can often leave a lasting impression with the way your feet look. Hence it is necessary to have clean and healthy looking feet.
    • Cleanse, scrub and massage them regularly.
    • Begin by soaking your feet in a tub of warm soapy water, this will relax your feet and soften the dead skin on your foot.
    • With the help of a foot scrubber or pumice stone, scrub of the dead skin cell from your feet.
    • Finally massage them with a moisturizer to keep them soft.
    • You can end with cutting and filing your toe nails.
    • Always keep your feet protected even at home by wearing socks or a pair of soft rubber slippers.
  • Follow these tips and keep your feet healthy looking and clean.

How to deal with your odorous feet?

  • Foot Odor is a common problem that affects many people. Since it’s a big cause of embarrassment, most people never bother getting it treated. Here are some pointers you can follow to keep smelly feet at bay.


    • The main cause of foot odor is the buildup of sweat and bacteria.
    • Moisture on feet causes fungal infection.
    • Smelly feet are also caused due to socks worn for long time.
    • Choosing the wrong footwear causes foot odor, especially if worn for long hours.


    • Make sure you maintain good foot hygiene by washing your feet every time you step out of your shoes. Pay special attention to areas such as those between your toes.
    • Keep your feet cool and dry by applying some foot powder or anti fungal spray before you step into your shoes or after you’ve just washed your feet.
    • Change your socks regularly. Opt for socks that are comfortable and allow your feet to breathe. Choose materials such as cotton.
    • Pay special attention to the shoes you wear. Canvas and open toe shoes that allow free movement are very beneficial.
    • To dry out the insides of your shoes, sprinkle some baking powder and leave them out for a couple of days.
    • You can try some good old home remedies such as soaking your feet in black tea (the tannic acids help pores open up and kill bacteria) or kosher salt water for about twenty minutes every day for one week, to deal with foot odor problems.